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AgrAssure - Increasing Gross-Margins

At AgrAssure, our mission is to improve the outcomes for those involved with Agriculture. We understand the complications and pressures those in agriculture take on every year, gambling against almost insurmountable odds, to cultivate plants and livestock to feed our Nations. Our company helps agricultural businesses improve their odds with our targeted range of professional products and services.


Land Regeneration

Land Regeneration - Regenerative Fertilisers

AgrAssure are the UK supplier of SOBAC Natural Regenerative Fertilisers from France, the leading Soil Fertility Products, high performance alternatives to commercial fertilisers. With over 30 years of history, SOBAC Soil Fertility Products help regenerate the soil's natural structures, compositions and micro-biological balances, transforming its active fertility.

We increase the gross margins field by field and allow this to be passed into your business. Through treating land with Sobac Regenerative products you’ll allow your business to reduce input costs dramatically. Our products allow elimination of Lime, P and K and to reduce N by 30% in the first year. Through inputing an abundance of life into your fields it will decrease the compaction in the soil structures, this allows for less diesel to be burnt when working the fields.

These products simply do the right thing to your land, they are natural, they work brilliantly, produce better outputs and reduce your agricultural costs.

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Diversify - Renewable Energy

For landowners it is often important to find additional, alternative revenue streams from the land.

Focusing on Renewables, AgrAssure can help you with developing proposals to diversify your land, provide the technical back-up and may also be able to organise funds through investors.

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