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About Us | Supporting Agriculture

Based in West Sussex, AgrAssure was formed in 2012 originally as Ashdown Agriculture and then later as AgrAssure Limited. Building on experiences while farming, the idea was to create a company whose objectives were to 'Help Improve the Outcomes for those Involved in Agriculture'.

It all sounds easy, but we all know there are real issues in Agriculture that force many to leave the industry to seek other avenues. We are determined to build up the resources and knowledge to help provide solutions to improve outcomes. They may be services, products or finance from professional sources, always tailored to our clients' requirements.

AgrAssure is the latest company born out of the Gibbs Family concerns, working world-wide in Petrochemicals, Engineering, Electronics and Renewable Energy, going back to the 1950s and still pushing on into the future world of agriculture with the new decade bringing forward areas such as Regenerative Farming, Land Regeneration and Diversification.

We Are AgrAssure Limited, based in Crawley, West Sussex, UK and our contact details are as follows:

Unit 4 Stanley Centre, Kelvin Way, Crawley
West Sussex, RH10 9SE
United Kingdom
T: +44 1293 613600        E: