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Whilst studying at Plumpton almost ten years ago AgrAssure’s founder, Charlie Robert Gibbs had a plan for one of the world’s most important industries in the land-based sector, agriculture.

After years of working in the industry and learning the deep truths about the future, it was time to start building the idea. Bringing a wealth of global business experience to the idea was Charlie’s father, Roger Gibbs. Roger started his career at his father’s small production engineering company which was passed down from his father and went on to form PDR who, 35 years later, are still at the forefront of design, manufacture and distribution of IR Rework Products. Four generations of valuable business insight helped Charlie to plan and slowly turn his idea into reality. It was in May 2019 that AgrAssure finally registered and moved into the world of agriculture with the new decade bringing forward diversification, management, soft commodity sales and land regeneration.

The UK farming industry is facing some major changes allowing more opportunities to open. With the world’s population growing, it is also vital that we find ways to produce food sustainably which is something that Charlie particularly wants to identify areas for. Our goal by 2050 is to be able to farm remote desert landscapes to feed the 2 billion more mouths we are predicting will be here.