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Agronomic Benefits
TickEnhances manure, slurry, green waste and digestates
TickIncreases dry matter and creates humic acids
TickReorganises the forms of minerals contained in organic matter
TickOptimises nitrogen management
TickReorganises the nitrogen contained in livestock effluent in organic form
TickIncreased resistance to water stress
TickBetter uptake by plants
TickImproved palatability of grass guaranteed
TickImproves soil structure
TickPrevents formation of crust and deposits in slurry pits
TickFacilitates spreading of manure


Applied to bedding, manure and slurry, Bacteriolit is a 100% natural composting additive, recognised as a CMO (Complex of micro-organisms) for composting without turning over manure. It quickly activates the biological transformation of manure and slurry into humus and improves their efficiency, notably by reorganising the forms of nitrogen that they contain.

The minerals contained in the soil are reorganised and fixed in the clay-humic complex and restored to plants rather than being evaporated or leached. Plants thereby obtain more balanced feed over a longer period of time.

Pricing: From £3.58/Kg (+ delivery, taxes etc) Coverage: 12 Kg/Acre