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Introducing Bacteriolit: The Next Level in Manure Management

Bacteriolit: A groundbreaking solution that transforms manure into a nutrient-rich, eco-friendly soil enhancer.

Ever thought manure could be more than just waste? Time to rethink what's possible.

Say hello to Bacteriolit, your game-changing partner in sustainable farming. When applied to manure, Bacteriolit goes to work, breaking down organic matter and converting it into a form that's readily absorbed by the soil. The outcome? Not just waste management, but waste transformation. Your manure becomes a valuable asset, rich in nutrients and beneficial for both soil and plants.

Unlock the untapped potential of your manure and step into the future of sustainable agriculture with Bacteriolit.

Agronomic Advantages You'll Love

  • Supercharge Your Manure and More: Whether it's manure, slurry, green waste, or digestates, we've got you covered.
  • Boost Dry Matter and Humic Acids: Transform your soil into a nutrient powerhouse by increasing its dry matter and humic acid content.
  • Unlock Mineral Potential: Reorganise the mineral forms in organic matter for optimal soil health.
  • Nitrogen, Managed: Say goodbye to nitrogen imbalances; we help you optimise nitrogen management for better yields.
  • Organic Nitrogen Transformation: Convert the nitrogen in livestock effluents into a form that's more beneficial for your soil.
  • Be Water-Wise: Increase your soil's resilience against water stress, making every drop count.
  • Plant-Friendly: Enhance nutrient uptake by plants for healthier, more robust growth.
  • Tastier Grass, Guaranteed: Improve the palatability of your grass, making it a hit with livestock.
  • Soil Structure, Upgraded: Create a soil environment that's more aerated and porous.
  • No More Slurry Pit Issues: Prevent crust and deposit formation in your slurry pits for easier management.
  • Spread the Goodness: Make manure spreading a breeze, thanks to improved soil structure.


Meet Bacteriolit: The Game-Changer in Manure Management and Soil Fertility

Ever wondered if there's a way to not just manage your manure but actually make it work harder for you? Well, we've got something that might just pique your interest. Say hello to Bacteriolit, your new best friend in sustainable farming.

Over Three Decades of Research

First things first, Bacteriolit isn't a fly-by-night solution. It's the result of over 30 years of meticulous research and development in the field of soil fertility and humus regeneration. And guess what? It's not just about making your soil better; it's about elevating the quality of your manure too!

What's in the Bag?

Each 500KG bag of Bacteriolit is packed with a potent mix of over 28,000 different strains of DNA. That's right, we're talking about a microbial army ready to rejuvenate your soil and supercharge your manure.

Three Zones, One Solution

Bacteriolit works its magic in three key areas of the soil: the Autotrophic, Humic, and Rhizospherical zones. This ensures a holistic approach to soil health, making your land not just fertile but also resilient and balanced.

Boost Your Manure's Nutrient Profile

Here's something you'll love: Bacteriolit significantly increases the nutrient content in cattle manure per tonne. We're talking about a richer, more balanced manure that's ready to give back to the soil in ways you've never imagined.

Why Choose Bacteriolit?

  • Optimised Manure Management: Make the most out of your manure by transforming its nutrient profile.
  • Soil Fertility: Increase the humus content in your soil, making it more fertile and robust for future planting.
  • Ease of Use: Simply apply Bacteriolit to your manure and organic materials. It's that easy!

So, are you ready to take the next step in sustainable farming? With Bacteriolit, you're not just managing waste; you're creating a future of healthier, more fertile soil. Let's make the most out of every acre, shall we?