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Agronomic Benefits
TickOptimises fertilisation management
TickNutritional qualities of production
TickIncreased resistance to drought and disease
TickBetter rooting (deeper and denser) and thereby plant uptake of nutrients
TickImproved soil structure: more aerated and porous
TickErosion reduction
TickBalances the natural pH of the soil



Applied to the ground, Bactériosol recycles the mineral elements not absorbed by the plants and rapidly increases the humus content of the soil. It boosts soil fertility by allowing the soil to release its natural nutritive potential, and restores all the necessary elements for good plant growth. With Bactériosol, inputs can be sharply reduced, profit margins improved, and self-sufficiency and yields increased.

This one-of-a-kind technology focuses on "life" and beneficially impacts soil health and life. It structures and balances the soil, makes it less compacted, increases its porosity, regulates its pH and creates an environment conducive to fauna development and activity. It thereby promotes a positive "soil-plant" relationship, reflected in higher nutritive quality of plant and animal production, plus the added benefit of the creation of powerful "carbon traps".


Additional Bacteriosol Benefits

Profitability & Self-Sufficiency
TickReplaces all mineral and organic fertilisation
TickReduces use of phytosanitary products
TickImproves yields and quality
TickHigher-quality forage

TickImproved margins per ha
TickImproved margins per livestock unit
TickIncreased gross operating profit
TickSustainability of soil capital
TickReduces or eliminates nitrogen-based fertilisation
TickEliminates the need for conventional fertilisation and any form of calcic amendments. (P and K)
TickBecause the soil is easier to plough, less fuel consumption.
TickHigher-quality products

TickAn effective response to new agro-environmental standards
TickReduction in pollutants and thus improved soil quality
TickWater savings and reduced irrigation
TickReduced losses through leaching of soluble elements including nitrates
TickCarbon storage and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions


Pricing: From £1.62/Kg (+ delivery, VAT) Coverage: 40 Kg/Acre