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Commodities | Productivity and Profit

With a constantly growing demand for soft commodities and more of the world starving every day, serious action needs to be taken to increase the production of soft commodities. It is essential that our clients receive the best possible reward for their efforts to keep their legacy alive. Battling mother nature year on year comes with its complications. Some landowners can lose both opportunities for sowing their seeds in the season.

AgrAssure wants to help you with your productivity and achieving the best prices for your output, whatever commodity that may be. With nearly one-fifth of the world’s population working in farming, we are passionate about tracking the sector to monitor trends.

Whilst most agricultural commodities are food sources, there are also those used in industries such as clothing, construction and furniture so we know that pretty much everyone depends on your achievements. Whatever category your business fits into, we want to achieve better rates and deals for you.

The predicted population increase of over 4 billion by the end of the century means your commodities will be crucial and fairer prices are negotiable.

Whether it be grain, cattle, dairy or timber AgrAssure know that the wealth gains will bring greater demands for agricultural products, particularly over the next 20 years. Productivity and efficiency need to increase with innovations in land usage and potential new crop monitoring technologies.