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Land Regeneration

We know it takes 500 to 1000's of years to develop just an inch of topsoil. A process that involves the breaking down of rock into small pieces through physical weathering and then plants continue to reduce the rock further into smaller particles. But, we have a process that can generate 1000 years of topsoil in just 100 days using nothing but the land.

As a planet, we are continually fighting a battle against living and feeding. Our constant expanding population means that more people need to eat and more people need homes.

Finding resources for construction permanently writes off land for agricultural purposes. Mines and woodlands create unusable land. Construction of commercial and residential buildings reduces the amount of usable agricultural land.

As we approach the year 2050, we will find that the earth has approximately 10 billion mouths to feed. To feed the extra 3 billion we either need to improve our 365 farming methods of artificially growing crops in warehouses and greenhouses or regenerate our worlds arid regions.

Our land regeneration process takes place over a season for better-conditioned soils. Soils that are initially healthier do not require as much rehabilitation as arid regions. UK landowners who find their yields dropping due to extreme weather conditions should consider our methods to revitalise the microorganisms and fungi.

Arid regions of the world need longer periods of rehabilitation. Our program can run indefinitely. This allows us to regenerate desert dust into fertile fields for growing more soft commodities.

To be apart of our land regeneration program please fill out our enquiry form below. We are limited to 1000 acres for our first year of action. Our system pays you rent whilst we regenerate your land.

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