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AgrAssure Soil Regeneration with SOBAC Products

Modern farming practices for decades have polluted, over extracted, over-stressed our lands, rendering them compacted, depleted, tired, devoid of essential elements, unable to store sufficient water or oxygen and essentially broken.

The AgrAssure Soil Regeneration Process with SOBAC Products, with the careful application of SOBAC Bactérisol & Bactériolit, fundamentally heals and enhances the soil's natural systems, returning the soil to its optimum and natural state. It is a scientifically based Natural Soil Regeneration/Healing Process, giving natural life back to unbalanced soils depleted by intensive farming and polluted by artificial chemical inputs.

The application of SOBAC Bactérisol & Bactériolit products, both utilising a rich, diverse Complex of over 28,000 Micro-organisms derived from Marcel MEZY® technologies, replaces most chemical inputs, transforming and enhancing the micro-organism mechanisms within the soil.  These mechanisms are then able to deliver vast improvements to the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil. This enables increases to the biological production and transformation of organic matter into Humus and also the transmission of stored nutrients to the Plants that are growing.

SOBAC Micro-Organism Complex

The process delivers many improvements to four key areas - Soil, Plants, Animals and Environment.

  •  Firstly, regenerating/enhancing the natural properties of the soil.
  •  Secondly, improving the output, nutritional value and health of plant growth.
  •  Thirdly, improving/enhancing outputs and health of the animals consuming the plants being grown.
  •  Finally, massively improving environmental outcomes, reducing run-off/pollution, increasing the storage of water and the fixation of Carbon & Nitrogen.  

Restoring and Regenerating the natural properties of the soil leads to a wide range of tangible agricultural benefits including,

  •  Higher Yields - Crops, Animals, Milk
  •  Improved Output Qualities - Crop, Meat and Milk qualities
  •  Improved Plant/Animal Health - Reduction in need for artificial and medical interventions
  •  Greater Environmental Performance - Less Pollution, lower runoffs & leaching, Less inputs, Carbon & Nitrogen fixation and greater Water Storage
  •  Better Financial Outcomes - Incomes, Profits and Farm Valuation

Our mission at AgrAssure is to support agriculture and improve the outcomes for those involved. The introduction and promotion of SOBAC products, that have transformed nearly 300,000 hectares of Farms throughout France alone, is a massive step in regenerating and enhancing the UK's Agricultural future.

For further information, please contact us here at AgrAssure...

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