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AgrAssure Soil Regeneration

Modern farming practices for decades have over extracted, over-stressed our lands, rendering them compacted, depleted, tired, devoid of essential elements, unable to store sufficient water or oxygen. Humus, the element in the soil that enables nutrients and water to be retained, is often degraded. Roots are un-able to penetrate compacted soil to gain access to nutrients held deeply and we find plants growing in a shallow manner, spreading roots more laterally in the search for their needs.

To compensate, we apply artificial fertilisers, liming materials and other non-nutrient soil amendments, to enhance the natural fertility/balance of the soil and replace the chemical elements extracted by previous crops. The problem is that these practices mainly support the shallower depths of the soil and do not deal with leaching, the deeper compaction or wider ecological issues that, year by year, get slowly worse, with yields falling along with the overall health of the farm.

At AgrAssure, in line with our aims to improve agriculture, we provide another approach, AgrAssure Soil Regeneration with SOBAC Products. We provide the technical services and products to transform and naturally regenerate your land.


AgrAssure Soil Regeneration with SOBAC Products

The AgrAssure Soil Regeneration process with SOBAC Products, with the careful application of SOBAC Bactérisol & Bactériolit, completely re-balances the ecological conditions in soil and leads to the regeneration of Humus within the soil, which is the main objective.

By correctly applying SOBAC Bactérisol and Bactériolit, you apply a spontaneous complement of microorganisms to the soil, containing over 28,000 species of microorganisms. Now more in balance, the system of Autotrophic, Humic & Rhizospherical micro-organisms will flourish, along with other vital forms of life and lead to a significant increase of the Humus content within the soil.

Improving Humus, major ecological benefits occur and in time, the soil will be rejuvenated, in balance, with a decompacted structure, extremely high in humus content, water, oxygen, essential microorganisms, bugs and worms.

Although results could appear in months, after the full three-year process, crops will root axially to greater depths, extracting more nutrients and growing more effectively. The process not only eliminates the need for any artificial fertilisers and lime, it reduces the nitrogen requirements and most phytosanitary products too.

The end results are reduced inputs, increased outputs, higher margins, with healthier growth, greater yielding crops, better grazing with improved health of livestock.


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