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Land Regeneration

As we work to overcome this global pandemic, the focus will once again shift to environmental issues. Of course, we know everything is interconnected and interdependent. In agriculture, we are acutely aware of the battle to create food and are faced with often insurmountable issues of soil fertility, extreme weather, drought, flooding, all affecting our yields.

Globally, lands are becoming less fertile, less able to absorb water, less able to produce food while demand just grows. As we approach the year 2050, we will find that the earth may have nearly 10 billion mouths to feed and to feed the extra people, we will either need to improve our farming methods of artificially warehouse/greenhouse grown crops and/or we will have to regenerate the land in our world’s arid regions.

Locally, UK landowners who find their yields dropping due to poor soil should possibly consider new methods to revitalise their lands. At Agrassure, our mission is help improve the outcomes for agriculture and with respect to soil health, we are able to offer practical solutions, both products and services, to naturally transform soil conditions, while also helping with wider aspects of the ecosystems.

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